Welcome to Kolo Kai Organic Farm

Welcome to Kolo Kai Organic Farm located on the beautiful island of Kauai, in Hawaii.


Operating on the lush northeast side of the island, Kolo Kai Organic Farm specializes in Turmeric, White Ginger, Yellow Ginger and Galangal or Thai Ginger. All of our produce is certified organic by International Certification Services Inc. 

Kolo Kai uses a unique distribution method for its roots which differentiates us from other Hawaiian ginger farms. Our small family farm bypasses the wholesaler and ships directly to individuals, small stores, and food cooperatives through FedEx and the USPS. This makes it a reality for the final consumer to receive their roots within 10 days or less of the original harvest date! The final result is fresher, superior produce for you to enjoy. 

Please take some time to explore our website and learn more about the farm, our mission, and how you can get some of our fresh ginger and/or turmeric. Also please come visit us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and photos to see what’s happening on the farm.


Ben and Colette Ferris


Founders, Owners, Managers, and Primary Operators of KKOF